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Decorating your Wedding Reception with Flowers

It is important when designing your wedding experience that you carry a theme throughout the entire day, and one of the best ways to do this is with your floral arrangements.

There is nothing lovelier than a reception venue decorated in the same theme as your bridal bouquets. Many reception venues will include flowers in their package. If this is the case do your research and make sure they will fit in with what you are having in your bouquets and that they will suit the style of wedding you have selected. You are by no means limited to what they provide you with and do not be afraid to say what you want. After all it is your special day and in most cases your reception venue will be more than willing to accommodate you within their budget. You can always add to what is provided if you feel it is not enough.

Floradiction understands that having flowers at your reception can be a major part of your floral budget and for this reason we have a wide range of very effective options for you. Each will be designed with your wedding and choice of bridal bouquets in mind, and we suggest the hire of our equipment as a way of getting something beautiful without having to pay for the entire cost of all the individual components. The simple addition of candles to an evening reception can create an ambience unequalled by anything else as candlelight is seen to be very romantic. After all what would you do with 20 vases or floating candle bowls after the event is over?
Some suggestions for reception decorations including flowers and/or candles are;

  • Floating candle bowls with flowers you have in your bouquet floating alongside the candles.
  • Candelabras wrapped in ivy or jasmine with flowers scattered throughout or bunched at the base.
  • Vases filled with your favourite blooms.
  • A vase containing river rocks or glass pebbles, water and a candle plus floating flowers of choice, sitting on top of a mirror. The candlelight will reflect from the mirror and be a constant talking point for your guests.
  • Rose petals scattered over table tops are a cost effective option.
  • Add stems of your favourite flower to the back of each chair, or perhaps slip a single bloom through the serviette or under the place card.
  • And don't forget your cake - what could be nicer than topping your gorgeous wedding cake with your favourite fresh flowers to complement your bouquets? Fresh floral cake decorations are one of our specialites and we areas and we are also able to arrange the cake for you.

    We love to transform reception venues into a magical room that you will always remember. We know we have the perfect ideas and solution for you that will fit within your budget.

    To discuss your requirements
    For more ideas on floral decorations for your reception venue please view our photo gallery.

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