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Floradiction - Exquisite Floral Designs
Floradiction - Exquisite Floral Designs
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Flowers with Special Meanings

Many popular Wedding Flowers have a language of their own...with some careful planning you can use the meanings of flowers to design your wedding bouquet with a secret message...

Their messages can be fun and inspiring, or they may be very powerful and heartfelt. When deciding upon what flowers you wish to include in your bridal bouquet, consider the language of individual flowers. By the use of a single type of bloom the message will be heard loud and clear, or perhaps you may wish to convey a message to your groom by the combination of a variety of flowers.

This can be great fun to do and can give your bouquet extra meaning for yourself and your groom. Use the list below to compile your own messages of love. This list may also help you avoid sending unwanted messages to the one you love!
  • Rose - True love; female beauty
  • Red Rose - Passionate love
  • Red & White Roses - Unity
  • White Rose - Girlhood innocence; worthiness; purity
  • Pink Rose - Perfect happiness
  • Daffodil - Sweet disposition; regard; devotion; joy
  • Carnation - Bonds of affection
  • Blue Hyacinth - Constancy
  • White Hyacinth - Unobtrusive loveliness; unchanging youth
  • Violet - Modesty; faithfulness
  • Lily - Gaiety
  • Ivy - Wedded love; fidelity in marriage
  • Iris - I have a message
  • Tulip - Declaration of love; perfect love
  • Calla Lily - Magnificent beauty; elegance
  • Arum Lily - Purity
  • Freesia - Innocence
  • Peony - Bashful; shyness
  • Lily of the Valley - Sweetness; return of happiness; simplicity
  • Ranunculus - Radiant with charms
  • Sweet Pea - Delicate; blissful; lasting pleasures
  • Gardenia - Joy; secret love
  • Daisy - Innocence and simplicity
  • Hydrangea - Devotion
  • Dahlia - Elegance; dignity; always yours
  • Sunflower - Adoration; Haughtiness
  • Wheat - Fertility; prosperity
  • Orchid - Rare beauty; ecstasy
  • Stephanotis - Married bliss
  • Poppy - Consolation
  • Lavender - Distrust
  • Jasmine - Grace; elegance; joy; attachment

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